About Us

Our “WHYs”

Why did we start FLCA?

We started FLCA because we wanted to bridge the gap between the quality of care offered to children in mid-to-lower income areas vs. that of more affluent areas.

Why childcare?

Studies have shown that the first 5 years of life are the most influential in determining future success. We wanted to do our part in helping to ensure a brighter future for the next generation by investing in the Future Leaders of tomorrow.

Why these demographics?

We were the kids we now service. We understand the disadvantages of growing up and not having access to quality childcare. We understand the developmental hurdles children will face when quality childcare is not available. We’ve experienced the frustrations in elementary school of having to study twice as hard in order to fully grasp the concepts our teachers were teaching. We developed a strong work ethic during the process but never the less we were at a distinct disadvantage compared to children that had access to quality childcare.