Early Pre-School


Our Little Future Scientist

• Early Pre K, or juniors as we call them, like to be independent. At Future Leaders your child will have ample opportunities to safely stretch her capabilities through a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. You will be amazed as to what your young one will be able to do with a little assistance.

• Language learning is an inseparable part of play in the Early Preschool classroom. Your Early Preschooler continually learns new vocabulary through everyday experiences and conversations with teachers and classmates.

• Your child cozies up with books in the Reading Center and listens to stories that stimulate their brain during story time. These experiences continue to build your child’s emergent literacy skills and love of books.

• As Early Preschoolers play, they are experimenting with math concepts. They recognize patterns and sort shapes. They explore spatial relationships by completingsimple puzzles and stacking blocks. Filling and emptying containers with water and sand provide learning value beyond cleaning up the mess! Your three-year-old begins to approach the world more confidently with a genuine desire to become part of it. She is a natural scientist as she explores how the world works and her role in it…one step closer to becoming a Future Leader!