Top Teachers

Parents choose Future Leaders Christian Academy because they know they are leaving theirchildren with qualified, caring professionals. We recruit individuals who share our vision, values, love for children, and dedication to high-quality early childhood education. Each teacher undergoes an extensive initial orientation as part of his or her training. We also have processes in place to mentor teachers, evaluate and partner with them, participate in their classrooms, and observe and retrain them as necessary to ensure they are supported and successful. All staff members must meet annual requirements for continual learning and development.  100% of our Lead teachers are first Aid certified and have state certified credentials or better


Christian Based

We teach ethics, morals and values on a daily bases here at Future Leaders Acadmey, from the Golden rule to honor thy mother and father. Your child will be taught things to help them grow spiritually. This spiritual freedom help children grow in their faith as they are allowed to pray, read age appropriate scriptures and speak about their faith.



Being a uniformed schools has many advantages; it encourages discipline, helps parents and students resist the peer pressure to buy expensive clothes, diminishes economic and social barriers between families, increases a sense of belonging and school pride just to name a few. But most importantly it’s easier to pick their clothes out for the week.


Foreign language

Our foreign language classes are taught by native speaking instructors and are designed with the imaginative learner in mind utilizing an array of visual pros and tools coupled withchild-friendly learning themes. Our “focus on fun” approach helps to reduce barriers to learning a new language and gives students a great boost of self-confidence. Spanish and Mandarin classes are presented in the target language to maximize exposure and retention seamlessly making each lingual moment enjoyable.By incorporation engaging music, movement, arts and crafts, storytelling and puppet shows into our curriculum children effortlessly absorb the sounds and intonation of language, and readily learn Mandarin and Spanish phrases and words



There are computers in every classroom to help give your child a jumpstart in this technology driven world.


Free immunization records

Need copies of your child’s immunization records?…we’ve got you. We put a stop to the hassle of driving down the health department and waiting line for hours. Ask the front office for more details


Free fax and notary

Stop by any time to use these services free of charge for parents with students enrolled in Future Leaders Academy.



Transportation is provided for families that live in apartment complexes that are within our transport range for a nominal fee.