In the Community



To strengthen families through youth development programs designed to help break the cycle of poverty, abuse, and violence that destroy generations.



To instill integrity, character and hope into the lives of our youth so that theymay become contributing members of society.


Core Principles

• Create and Sustain One-on-One Relationships: Research indicates that the single most important factor that fosters resiliency in high-risk children is a caring and consistent relationship with an adult.

• Intervene Early: Let’s not wait until a mother gets the dreaded call that her child has been arrested or pregnant. Let us not teach them to learn from their mistakes; let us teach them to learn from the mistakes made by the people before them.

• Connect All Area of Children’s Lives: We strive to recruit volunteers and mentors to spend time in each child’s home, school, neighborhood and community. We believe this provides continuity in an often-unstable environment and serve as a positive link between the different facets of a child’s life.

• Provide Meaningful Experiences: We design unique experiences for each of our children so they can explore and develop their diverse talents and interests, expand their worldview, and learn vital relationship and life skills.