Our Future Leaders

• In our private pre-k classrooms the Seniors learn activities and experiences to help them build confidence, curiosity and develop the skills needed for a happy and rewarding future. We use multiple forms of ongoing assessment to evaluate students performance and development in different learning domains and share their progress with you throughout the year.

• As a Senior your child will develop listening, speaking, reading and writing competencies and build understanding and appreciation of reading as a source of enjoyment and a way to learn about the world.

• Your child plays with the sounds of language by segmenting words into individual sounds, blending sounds into words, and substituting sounds to make new words.

• Your child moves on to letter-sound recognition, or phonics, and then to reading and writing words and sentences.

• Through listening to and reading high-quality literature, your child experiences the worlds of science, social studies, music and art.

• Your child acquires the language of mathematics, number recognition, and other math foundational concepts. Your child practices critical thinking skills such as predicting, estimating, recalling events, and sequencing.

• Playful but purposeful mathematics learning abounds as your child engages in exciting and challenging explorations of deep mathematical ideas during everyday activities and other academic areas. Pre-K children are naturally curious and eager to learn more about their world. At Future Leaders your little researcher uses scientific tools to observe, explore, ask questions, record, and formulate and test hypotheses. Through the appropriate use of technology, children develop confidence in their ability to solve problems, write stories and reports, develop literacy skills and concepts, and even research new ideas.