Vision and Values


Our Mission

Attempt to enrich the lives of every child, parent, and staff members that walks through our doors by providing holistic development to our Children; helpful resources and Peace of mind to our Parents; and a fun and inspiring place to work while making a difference to our staff.

Our Vision Statement

To be a staple in under served communities, laying the foundation for success for tomorrow’s leaders

Our Beliefs

• We believe that income should not determine the quality of care a child receives.
• We believe that teachers should not make less money because they choose to serve a particular demographic.
• We believe in generational progression; a parent should want their child to go further than they did.
• We believe that the best way to ensure a brighter future is by investing in the future leaders who will be pioneering it.
• We believe that enriching the communities in which our locations reside is a key piece to the puzzle of making lasting change in a child’s life.

Our Values

• Strong Work ethic
• Positive attitude
• Moral Ethics
• Respect
• Commitment
• Loyalty